Markets: Resources

In today’s world, resources are precious. Failure to effectively manage resources and minimise waste can spark serious environmental and economic consequences. SEMF draws on a detailed understanding of the product lifecycle to help clients reconsider their approach to finite resources and develop eco-conscious strategies for the management of waste. We strive to reconcile our partners’ commercial, social and technical imperatives, an ethos which sets the stage for profitability and sustainable growth.

At SEMF, we partner with the minerals industry to provide inventive solutions to complex demands. We add significant value to mining and mineral processing projects by managing and expediting the approvals process and providing specialised environmental support across all aspects of environmental management, and engineering design and project management.

SEMF knows that water is among our essential resources and uses holistic thinking and local insight to provide support to, and solutions for the water and wastewater industry sector.

SEMF is also at the forefront of bulks material handling and processing and have forged close relationships with key players across every Australian state. We provide innovative solutions for conveyor belts, stackers, storage facilities and shiploaders and conduct options investigations and condition assessments to enforce high performance and quality control.


SEMF also works in Building and property, Manufacturing and processing and Energy.

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