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Today, energy providers and users are faced with increasingly complex dilemmas. Evolving energy markets and shifts in technology and legislation have sparked critical conflicts between supply and demand while giving rise to new challenges in the areas of energy efficiency and carbon mitigation. SEMF’s vast experience across the renewable and non-renewable energy sectors allows us to tailor insightful and holistic solutions to difficult energy problems.

At SEMF, we manage and deliver projects across each phase of the energy lifecycle and are highly attuned to the issues that stem from energy supply, transmission and demand. Our engineers and scientists develop systems for the provision of safe, sustainable and affordable energy and our project managers and consultants design processes that meet competing objectives and multiple stakeholder requirements.

SEMF’s energy knowledge covers storage, transmission, strategy and carbon management and focuses on wind, solar, water and geothermal energy as well non-renewable sources such as coal, oil and gas. We’ve partnered with Australian renewable energy leader Hydro Tasmania to design and install platform layouts for wind farms in South Australia and Tasmania and have constructed complex twin stockpile stackers for the Sonoma Coal project in Queensland’s Bowen Basin.

In the energy management arena, SEMF minimises energy costs and optimises capital investment by completing rigorous audits and commercial assessment and monitoring the energy-efficiency of renewable and non-renewable plants. At SEMF, we combine sustainable thinking with technological innovation to convert waste to energy and engineer smarter systems for carbon capture and develop industry-leading processes to harness wind, geothermal energy and biomass. We also provide environmental planning and energy audits that offer clients precise methods to manage carbon footprints and accurately define targets and goals.

Our major energy sectors include:

SEMF also works in Building and property, Manufacturing and processing and Resources.

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