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Building and property markets are no longer driven exclusively by commercial imperatives. In today’s world, successful building projects call for an ability to tackle the challenges of urbanism, an innovative approach to sustainability issues and a high level of responsiveness to structural and environmental needs. At SEMF, we strike the difficult balance between these competing missives.

A major player in the building and property sector, SEMF has helped shape city skylines and dramatically improved the quality of living and working environments around the country. We’ve built healthcare facilities that combine state-of-the-art medical technology with the most progressive models of care and expansive commercial developments that help our partners achieve economically versatile and sustainable outcomes. Our building engineering capacity is characterised by technical and design expertise – qualities that help us enhance the performance of a building or attract prospective investors in an increasingly tight funding market. And whether for maximum-security military bases or high-capacity industrial plants, we’re positioned at the vanguard of technological innovation and change.

SEMF is also highly attuned to the sustainability mandates of occupants and legislators and the problems that stem from rising populations and climate change. This demand is addressed by a growing array of retrofit solutions that significantly improve building performance, consumption rates and resident comfort.

SEMF believes that solid communication and a collaborative approach is key to the success of a building project – a focus that sees that our work closely respond to the challenges of developers and major partners.

Our major building and property sectors include: 

Building and property

SEMF also works in Manufacturing and processing, Resources and Energy.

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